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In the entrepreneur world starting a business can be exciting and stressful. The exciting part is overcoming the fears of the unknown to follow your dreams. The stressful part is what direction to go after you get the business started. That's where I come into the picture. Designs By Demarco is an idea that I turned into a company. 

Starting out as a graphic designer I noticed an overwhelming amount of my customers needed advertisement flyers designed, but did not have any idea of how to advertise them. Most would get a stack of flyers from me and they would just sit and collect dust. This was not only a waste of money but it also was not helping their business grow.

After extensive research, I've came up with a way that not only I could design advertisement for businesses but I could also help them market and brand their companies. I help target direct audiences of potential clients. I also help create an identity for companies. It is not an over night process to help a business grow, it's by strategically placing the right tools into marketing and advertisement. Did you know that only 20% of people that come in contact with a companies advertisement has a 40% chance of doing business with the advertised company? I know those numbers are scary when you think about it, but thats why it's important to have a great plan in place to target the right people. 

No worries, I will do all the dirty work for you. You can focus on running the business and I will focus on helping you build your business. Lets build your brand together!